AeroAutofactoria at Dakar 2021!

It’s official ! Cyril Despres and Mike horn the two ambassadors of AEROAUTOFACTORIA will take the start of Dakar 2021 and present the start of the project “ GEN-Z »: A vehicle equipped with a fuel cell, supplied with hydrogen.

In 2020, Mike discovered the rally alongside Cyril; they had donned the coach cap for the young drivers of the “Redbull Off-Road Junior” team.

Mike got to observe the ins and outs of racing and realized that the world of motorsport had to change to become more environmentally friendly for future generations.

For a few months now, Cyril and Mike have joined forces with Vaison Sport and researchers from the CEA (Commissariat AL ‘Energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives) to develop the “GEN-Z” project, with a single objective by 2023: to win the Dakar by releasing only water vapor.

At the wheel of a buggy, their mission will be to collect essential information. Filled with sensors, their laboratory vehicle will continuously record the pilot (damping, braking, movements), engine (rpm, temperatures) and physical (accelerations, masses, speeds) parameters in order to define the level of performance required for the vehicle “GEN-Z” competes with vehicles with thermal engines.

“Leading a development mission that can revolutionize the world of motorsports within 2 years is a huge honor that goes far beyond the sporting side of the event.” – Cyril Despres.

“Preserving the planet, being able to give a future to the younger generation is one of my missions” – Mike Horn.

This new edition of the Dakar will take place from January 3 to 15 in Saudi Arabia and we will make you live the adventure of our two pilots LIVE!



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