The best reference remains the opinions of our customers! Discover Autofactoria through the real appreciations!

Because you are the ones who talk about it the best. We collect the opinions of our customers to continuously improve our services and we make them available to you so that you can make the best choice. The opinions collected are authentic.
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How are reviews collected?

The opinions of our customers are authentic, they are collected in partnership with Guest Suite trusted third party, certified AFNOR .

Guest Suite collects customer reviews according to the AFNOR Standard

AFNOR is the national standardization body: you are no doubt familiar with the famous “ISO” standards? In short, AFNOR is their French version. The stake of the famous AFNOR NF Z74-501 standard released in 2013 is simple: to set up a voluntary national standard to surround the concept of customer reviews posted online, and thus fight against the proliferation of false reviews.

And guess what? Vinivi, the structure specializing in e-reputation which Guest Suite acquired in 2016, is at the origin of this standard! In this, Guest Suite is a real pioneer, guarantor of the unfailing reliability of the customer reviews collected.

Real reviews, real customer experiences

Our opinions are collected in partnership with establishments, directly during the shopping experience, or afterwards, via a satisfaction survey. If so many reviews are false on the internet, it is because they can be posted from anywhere which allows anyone to write a review even if they have never been present in the establishment. !