L’Argus: Aero invests in a second-hand supermarket in Saarlouis

The second-hand supermarket in Saarlouis in Germany has 6,000 m2 of covered showroom King and queen of trading, Olivier and Ada Amengual skilfully juggle BtoB, which is the heart of their activity, and BtoC. Within this European purchasing center which sold 8,000 used vehicles last year with some 800,000 euros in net results, Ms. manages 80% of the supply while Mr. has already sold almost 50% of the vehicles acquired.

Inseparable in life and at work, this couple is a past master in the art of buying from manufacturers (70%, of its sourcing), rental companies and distributors up to 1000 used vehicles for 10 million euros in order to resell them to dealers and dealers all over Europe. More than 600 French customers are in favor of them.

Our target is the pros. From Logistics to administration, including import-export procedures and aesthetic preparation, we offer them a turnkey purchasing solution at the best price. », They summarize.

The ready-to-sell niche

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For Les Amengual, the future of the profession lies in optimizing preparation that is as fast as it is careful.

In 18 years, with a seriousness coupled with a formidable sense of business, Aero has thus risen to the rank of major merchants, especially financial (6 million euros of equity including 5 million euros of share capital ) through four locations in Luxembourg, Germany, Italy and Spain. During its last financial year, the company achieved a turnover of 100 million euros for a pre-tax profitability of 1.8%. At the age of 18, the company is spreading its wings by increasing investments.

We want to be multi-activity, multi-brand and multi-market “, explains Ada Amengual.

With her husband, in April 2014 she acquired 12,000 m2 of land housing a 6,000 m2 covered building in Germany in Saarlouis. It is a former high-end concession that they have transformed into a second-hand supermarket. AutoFacturia – name

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Under the name AutoFactoria, the dealer resells 5% of its used vehicles to individuals

commercial under which Aero resells the 5% of used vehicles intended for individuals – marks a structuring stage in the merchant’s activity. Because this center receives, stores, records electronically (bar code), repairs and acts as a transit area for all 3,000 vehicles purchased by Aero in northern Europe. The Saarlouis center aims to sell 800 used vehicles in 2015.

We are blocking a hundred cars for individuals for 3 months out of the 800 used vehicles on permanent display, we have hired a French salesperson for cross-border customers and a German sales manager for local buyers, both in charge of BtoB and BtoC », Specifies Olivier Amengual.

Guarantee the margins of professional clients

Opened 10 months ago, this structure, acquired for 3 million euros, therefore ensures a smart repair and dent removal activity dear to Aero, which relies on its ‘ready-to-sell’ strategy.

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Olivier Ada Amengual

The aesthetic preparation is therefore ‘internalized’. A recipe proven since 2008 in the group’s other bodywork in Spain. A reconditioning plant that cost a million euros. This time, vehicles purchased in the south of Europe pass there. The processes implemented are industrial and certified by Dekra Germany. They make it possible to limit the average repair costs to 600 euros per car.

By providing our professional customers with these ready-to-sell used vehicles, we guarantee them a margin of 1,500 euros and zero risk », He emphasizes.

An as is price exists for customers who wish to handle reconditioning. But it can cost them twice as much. 5,000 used vehicles are retired each year and an extension project is already planned for September.

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