You do not want to block your cash or spend part of your savings to buy a car so resort to a funding !

Nowadays, it is often more suitable, more flexible and easier to rethink your auto budget and consider it as a monthly expense like rent.

Trusted financial partners

The purchase of a car is most of the time the second investment of a household. It is therefore an important event that should ideally take place without complications and hassle.

In order to guarantee you an experience optimal purchase , we have negotiated for you with financial institutes a multitude of financing formulas with vocation to answer as much as possible to your needs. A competitive rate, a fixed term, a higher or lower residual value … start now your simulation to find your tailor-made formula and from a serious bank.

Thanks to our various financial partners we are able to offer you various auto financing formulas. Our teams are at your disposal to find with you the best solution that adapts to your needs and expectations. We support you in the 100% free and fast constitution of your file!

* subject to acceptance of your file by the banking establishment and under conditions of eligibility for financing.

Choose the financing that suits your needs

2 ways to finance your new new or used vehicle:

Classic Credit

With a loan for a new or used car, the buying a car Is simple ! Depending on your borrowing capacity and the possible personal contribution made, you obtain a car loan, the sum necessary to acquire your vehicle, possibly taking into account any insurance and guarantees. The amount is not paid directly to your account but to the dealership with which you are doing business!

Until recently, credit was the most common used car financing solution for individuals in France. It remains ideal for all those who wish not to be in a hurry by the deadlines of an auto financing in LOA or LLD. On the contrary, you own the vehicle. Free of the calendar for a possible resale. Unless you prefer to keep your car, ideally only having to finance the maintenance costs in the long term.

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Balloon Credit

The balloon loan is an interesting car financing formula for you if you do not want to commit to the long term and that you know full well that you will not be vehicle purchaser borrowed or even from another. At the end of the contract, 4 options are still available to you:

  • Return the vehicle to the dealership which will settle the purchase option.
  • Extend the term of the contract.
  • Change your mind and finally acquire the vehicle at a price defined when signing the contract. This is called the ball.
  • Settle the purchase option on your own by reselling the vehicle on your behalf.

By using balloon credit, you have the insurance to drive in a recent vehicle and to change it regularly .