The FAE expands its collaboration with the French federation

Courrieu trains with the French team in the European Cup, and Verdú will stay on time

The Andorran Ski Federation has taken a step further in its collaboration with the French federation, and from next season this link will be extended, as explained by those responsible during the presentation of the sponsorship agreement of the ‘AutoFactoria company. Failing to close the last fringes, Kevin Courrieu will join the Welsh European Cup speed team, while Joan Verdú will make some one-off stays for “before the competitions or during the preseason”, as he has confessed the FAE alpine skiing director Max Tissot. On the benefits of this collaboration, Tissot noted that “we believe that where we can win the most is in the preseason, especially in the second half, because the intensity is at its maximum and we will need confrontation with other runners.” The alpine skiing director also referred to Cande Moreno’s recovery, assuring that “the problems today are not one hundred percent solved and it is a long-term job,” in addition to adding that ” we have the recovery plan and we will have to see how it improves personal work, but we are happy with the proposal and it will surely be able to solve the inconveniences “.

Agreement with AutoFactoria

The Andorran Ski Federation has closed a sponsorship agreement with AutoFactoria, a car dealership based in Luxembourg. The contract is for one year, and both the representatives of the FAE, President Pepi Pintat and manager Carles Visa, and AutoFactoria, CEOs Ada Amengual and Olivier Amengual, have agreed that “both entities have similar values” , and have hoped the deal could be extended for more years.


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