Finalists in the prestigious Entrepreneur of the Year competition, Aero executives are now part of the TOP6. Distinguished among 28 candidate entrepreneurs, Ada and Olivier Amengual were selected for the 2013 final of the famous competition created in 1986 by the Audit firm ERNST & YOUNG … results on December 2!

The Entrepreneur of the Year Award has been held in Luxembourg since 2004. Each edition highlights exceptional careers and personalities: women and men who prove that it is always possible to progress, to innovate, to create value and jobs. Engines of Luxembourg’s growth and competitiveness, they contribute to the confidence enjoyed by the country and the desire to undertake that results. In the constellation of entrepreneurs who form the economic fabric of Luxembourg, there are many who shine through talent and daring. Since 2004 in Luxembourg, some of these entrepreneurship champions have been selected by Ernst & Young to be part of the Entrepreneur of the Year competition. Ada and Olivier Amengual were therefore chosen last July to take part in this competition. Following the examination of their application, Mrs. and Mr. Amengual met the Ernst & Young teams to put together their participation file – the opportunity to identify and highlight the key factors of their entrepreneurial success. At the end of this interview, their application was handed over to the members of the jury for the Entrepreneur of the Year Award who has just declared them finalists and in the running for the 2013 Entrepreneur of the Year Award. . The founders of Aero, a central purchasing agency for new or used vehicles, operate in several European countries. The happy marriage of a French immigrant with a Luxembourgeoise immediately placed the company under the sign of international openness. Present in Luxembourg since 1997, the company quickly experienced considerable growth and began to establish itself in Europe. In 2008, Aero moved to Spain and began to conquer the German market in 2010. Little by little, the couple set up their European strategy, created a multilingual purchasing center and developed a field sales service. This strategic positioning allows the company to shine throughout Europe, consolidate its position and make the most of the opportunities in the automotive market in each of these countries. The secret of this success is precise management, great responsiveness and the fact that service is of the utmost importance. Today the “Success story” of this couple “unlike any other” is emerging. Until now, their success was commensurate with their discretion, since it is “their participation in this award that will give them the credentials of experienced Luxembourgish entrepreneurs”, explains Robert Dennewald. Anxious to gain visibility and to be able to forge valuable economic relations, Ada and Olivier Amengual were keen to bring their candidacy to 4 hands, attached as they are to the idea of couple which constitutes their main driving force. Let’s not doubt that the jury for the Entrepreneur of the Year Award will be sensitive to this.

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